How to use Neon T-shirts in a Quilt

Neon celebrated with t-shirt - tee

There are three ways to use a neon T-shirt in a quilt – balance, highlight or eliminate.

Neon has a reason and that is to stick out. That is the reason wellbeing gear is hued neon.

That equivalent standard applies to a neon T-shirt in a blanket. It will stick out! Its absolutely impossible to make a neon T-shirt square tranquil. In the event that there is only one neon T-shirt, this is the place your eyes will go each time you take a gander at the blanket.

Also, neon isn’t simply yellow. There is neon pink, orange and green. The guideline here that apply to neon T-shirts apply to all shades of neon.

The inquiry is then what do you do with a neon T-shirt scheduled to be in a T-shirt quilt? You have to choose how you need it utilized.

neon green balance t-shirt - tee

There are three alternatives when utilizing a neon hued T-shirt hinder in a blanket:

1- Balance :

neon green equalization all through a quiltThis is the most run of the mill strategy we use. At the point when you don’t make reference to anything about your neon T-shirt(s), this is the means by which we handle them.

Your neon T-shirt will be cut as we would some other T-shirt. We spare the extra clear T-shirt material from this T-shirt. We utilize this material for little fillers set all through your blanket. This adjusts the brilliant neon shading.

Since there is more than one square of the splendid shading, your eye won’t get pulled right to that one square. Accordingly, the neon turns out to be to a lesser extent a point of convergence.

This is as near “stowing away” a neon hinder as we can get. As opposed to covering up, it’s to a greater degree a transition to down play the neon. Your eye will consistently observe the neon first. There is nothing we can do to change that. What we can do is battle it by including extra neon squares.

Drawback: If the neon T-shirt isn’t one of your top picks you will have additional squares of it.

Lots of Neon shirts - tee

2- Eliminate :

the rear of a pad made with neon T-shirtsneon cushion produced using T-shirtsWhat in the event that you don’t care for the appearance of neon fillers used to adjust your neon T-shirt square? The best alternative is for you to wipe out the neon T-shirt(s) through and through. Simply don’t send them.

What else would you be able to do with one, two or more neon T-shirts you don’t need in a blanket? You can have them made into a pad. It would be a pad that would be hard to lose!

One neon centered and balanced Tee-shirt

3- Highlight :

One neon centered and balanced in a T-shirt quiltLove that neon T-shirt? Let it be the focal point of your quilt. We can highlight it by placing it in a prominent place. This way, each time you look at your quilt, your eye will begin at this particular T-shirt. Just let us know if your neon is the favorite T-shirt so we can highlight it even more than it already is!


You have three options with your neon T-shirt – balance, eliminate or highlight. If you don’t specify what option you would like, we will balance that neon throughout the quilt so it doesn’t stand out – as much.